Will the Tesla "Redwood" be available for purchase and delivery by June 30, 2026?

Resolves YES if customers are able to buy and physically receive the new Tesla car codenamed "Redwood" by June 30, 2026, excluding options for pre-purchase or reservation without delivery.

A minimum of 420 cars must be delivered to be considered a YES. Resolves NO otherwise, including if Tesla ceases to exist or the "Redwood" project is cancelled.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on a post-earnings call on Wednesday that the company expects to start production of its next-generation EV at its Texas factory in the second half of 2025.


Musk said on Wednesday: "I'm often optimistic regarding time. But our current schedule shows that we will start production towards the end of 2025" and that "We'll be sleeping on the line practically."

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