Will the Tesla "Model 2" start deliveries before then end of 2025?

The next generation of Tesla is supposed to be the most affordable to date, around 25.000$ and manufactured in Mexico.

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I expect there is some grain of truth to this that makes it unlikely they ship model 2 in 2025 - https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/tesla-scraps-low-cost-car-plans-amid-fierce-chinese-ev-competition-2024-04-05/

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counterargument: gabe holds YES shares (jk but ty for sharing the article)

How will this event resolve if Tesla releases a new model of car by EoY 2025 but does not name it "Model 2"? For instance, I've seen the name "Model Q" thrown around. Or they could brand it as a new series of Model 3, kind of like there is a Model S, and a Model S Plaid.

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@pietrokc the name is irrelevant, that is why it is in quotes. What matters is the price point and manufacturing improvements, etc...

How will this event resolve if Tesla delivers, say, 1-5 Model 2s to celebrities, and then everybody else has to wait several weeks or months?

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they’re installing the manufacturing requirement right now. They will 100% begin deliveries before the end of 2025. They have been quiet about the progress so people don’t delay purchase of current vehicles

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@Mikelon797 Description says expected to be manufactured in Mexico. That’s true, but it will first be manufactured in Austin. Just making sure Austin made cars still resolve yes?

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@GabeGarboden yes yes, the mexico thing was at the time. The main thing is that the car is released.

Thanks for the question :)

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the one thing i’m sure about is tesla not delivering on time

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