Will Jake Paul and Logan Paul compete against one another in a boxing match before the end of 2026?

Must be a sanctioned boxing match. Queensbury rules. Sparing and exhibition matches do not count.

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from @SirCryptomind

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Happy to join the Logang train! Thanks to the both of you. I think a "Will Mike Majlak still be on Impaulsive at the end of 2023/2024?" or something similar would be interesting...

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@33 I love it! Go and make it!

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@Gen Done! Thanks for the sponsorship 👍

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I will accept any of them in the logan paul group as eligible for the rewards there.

all of the logan paul markets can be posted there. Leave them all in a list (1 comment is fine) ideally by typing % and then starting to type the market name so that it loads like this:


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Trying to make it easier to find for people interested in these types of markets (sorry for the notification, traders!)

@Gen Done

@BTE is this some trustworthy power I'm too dodgy to have? Would be great if this ability was universal

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@Gen also thank you so much!!

@Gen Indeed. It is within reach no doubt.

@Gen Just nailed them all plus some more.

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@BTE Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Logan Paul is going to be the next big thing on manifold, mark my words...!