Is string theory correct?

Resolves yes if there is essentially a consensus among physicists that string theory is correct, and no if there is essentially a consensus that string theory is incorrect. Otherwise, resolve as N/A.

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There is a (unresolved) conjecture called the "String Lamppost Principle" that says that quantum field theories incorporating general-relativistic gravity have to be string-theoretic in some way. (See for example I think this is a pretty strong indicator that whatever physicists do find will be string-theoretic in some way (unless they happen to overthrow quantum field theory and/or general relativity first, which seems unlikely).


Would Newtonian gravity count as "correct" for purposes of this question: a good approximation which nevertheless fails badly in extreme cases?

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@wylderai If you mean that string theory predicts the same things at the scale in which the standard model applies, then no.

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@metachirality What would count as yes then, that there exists a string theory which correctly predicts everything at all scales?

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@wylderai It should apply enough that you can meaningfully say that elementary particles are strings and that the universe has compactified spatial dimensions.