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it can't get any worse than this

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This guy is crashing

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definitely overvalued

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For when he loses a debate again

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Juicers in shambles

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xqcL to the moon xqcL

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This can only go down. The Kai shit is the end of him.

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Actually bullish overall, but I know that juicers will ruin it for him eventually. Just a matter of time.

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undervalued, buy

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This is the lowest it can get.

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This can only go down with all the dick riding

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Mr aint the same no more

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@amongus mr cow*

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Let's make a night, you won't remember. I'll be the one, you won't forget.

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Its going down. Im yelling TIMBERRR you better move you better dance.

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Who is he talking to

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xqc will FALL

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the most stable investment since he doesn't come on stream