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Neutral. Stock probably won’t go higher or lower than this… but there is a chance he pulls some epic stunt that makes him look good, even if he’s still disliked after.

This market was hard to find. Is this market public? I can't find it in the search bar either.

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@PunishedFurry The Manifold admins have made the extremely strange decision to hide all the Destiny stock markets not just from the homepage, but also from the search results of people who are intentionally trying to find them.

I'd recommend that anyone who wants this to change should complain about it in the Discord. Enough users complaining will probably get them to fix it.

@IsaacKing Ah gotcha. Thanks!

@PunishedFurry I can understand maybe hiding the inactive ones, but this particular person is pretty popular and is talked about a lot.

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@PunishedFurry I believe the rationale was that a lot of people on the site didn't want to see any of the Destiny markets at all. Manifold was too lazy to fix their search function to work properly and just let people pick which markets they wanted to see, so they went with this hack instead. It's been extremely frustrating ever since, and has caused real problems, like when people were betting in a market on "what's going to be the largest market on Manifold" and bet wrong because they couldn't see the Dan stock.

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Look, things aren't looking great right now, sure...

It just means things can only get better!

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Mr Rapist lost a debate to fucking President Runday - this stock is dead

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I would describe Mr. Girl as the type of guy who would publish AI-generated C.P so he can argue it is more ethical than normal porn and then get charged with murder when they find human body parts in his freezer.

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We will liquidate Isaac

dangerously sharp gangster knife cuts into neck
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autistic market maker who liquidated you sits, smiling, at his 10 monitor trading setup
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Thank you for the donation to my mana balance @IsaacKing

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Et tu, Michael?

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@IsaacKing You didn't want anyone to fill your limit order?

I've got to say, these next-level strats are far beyond my comprehension.

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@MichaelWheatley This isn't about prediction, this is about EMOTION! How dare you bet against me you traitor.

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@IsaacKing Right, your emotions were telling you this was a good buy, so I sold to you.

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So I originally placed my limit orders here without knowing anything about Mr. Girl, but I just watched a video of theirs, and they seem like a nice person? Intelligent, empathetic, a bit socially awkward in an endearing way. What is the problem exactly?

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@IsaacKing He's gone all out against destiny trying to prove him as a sexual abuser based on fairly shakey evidence. You've stepped on a beartrap of a stock m'dude.

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@MajorLee12 Have a link to a summary?

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@IsaacKing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lox8vgtlJOo

I just had a scan through a couple vids, there's been quite alot on this topic, but I think this video should cover the long and short of it.

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@MajorLee12 Thanks. I'm curious to learn more about this, so I made a market to find some more evidence.

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i think not

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free money to sink into the sneko fund :)