felt like bumping this, idk why

Context: Will I regret leaving Manifold?

With Austin leaving and a big pivot coming, there’s more ambiguity around what’s in store for the future of the site and the company.

Is Manifest one of the things which won’t be around in future Manifold? Will 2024 be the final Manifest?

Resolves NO on Day 1 of Manifest 2025, or YES on December 31st, 2025. Will also Resolve YES with a formal confirmation from Manifold staff that there will be no 2025 Manifest.

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manifest 2023 and 2024 were both awesome! I hope not


felt like bumping this, idk why

@mattyb what if there is an community-run or saul-run manifest

@nikki isn’t this year’s a saul-run manifest?

@mattyb yes, but what if it's not officially run by manifold

@nikki i’m going to this year’s. if there’s something comparable next year, it’ll resolve yes, regardless of who runs it

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Manifest is so cool that I think people would continue to pay to run and attend it regardless of if all current Manifold employees and servers were suddenly destroyed in a mysterious fire.

@Joshua hype. this’ll be my first one

@Joshua I do agree the first one was really fun, but my impression is that conferences are quite risky. I think manifest 1 lost ~10k?

The positive framing is that manifold was only one sponsor away from breaking even! The pessimistic way is that if you fail to secure sponsors you can be 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars in the red.

So you need someone who is willing to take that risk and I’m not sure if other companies would step up (plus the headache of coordinating a conference which seems to take at least one full time person).

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