Will Hamas lose control of Gaza strip to someone else by April?
resolved Mar 31

Israel's primary goal seems to be to destroy Hamas. I don't know how to phrase this destruction in clear criteria because such organization are hard to kill completely.

Looking at Hamas' Wikipedia entry today:

Hamas [...] is a Sunni Islamist political and military organization governing the Gaza Strip of the Palestinian territories.

Resolves NO if Wikipedia still describes Hamas as "governing" the Gaza strip on April 1.

Resolves YES if Wikipedia describes this "government" as past history and states who else controls it. This might happen earlier than April.

If nobody controls the Gaza strip, this will resolve NO under the assumption that Hamas will regain control. I could imagine Gaza strip being under control of Israel, Palestinian National Authority, US, UN, etc.

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Since then, it has run Gaza as a de facto autocratic and one-party state.

Wikipedia still describes Hamas as controlling Gaza. It is described as a "blockade". Israel actively denies controlling Gaza.

Just to clarify - if they lose control but regain it by April 1st, resolves NO?

predicted YES

@YotamFederman No, it would resolve as YES earlier. However, it depends on Wikipedia recognizing some stability. It does not resolve just because IDF announces something, for example.

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