Will Germany introduce an equity reserve for pensions before 2026?

Germany's finance minister, Christian Lindner, proposed an Aktienrente (equity pension) but had to tone it down to a Aktienrücklage (equity reserve). https://www.socialeurope.eu/pension-reform-in-germany-a-market-solution

Closes at the end of 2025 (which is after the current election period).

Resolves YES, if Lindner's proposal is implemented. Minor changes are acceptable since no concrete law was proposed yet anyways. Changes must be active before 2026.

Resolves NO, if Germany's pension system is unchanged. Also NO, if a very different proposal than the one from Christian Lindner is introduced. Also NO, if changes become active only on 1. January 2026 or later even if the law is decided already.

Resolve NO immediately, if Christian Lindner definitely abandons his proposal.

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