Will apartment rents in Germany increase by 5+% in 2024?

Rents for apartments (quoted rents, hedonic, existing property only) further

increased in 2023 by 4.8% (2022: +5.6%) and by the end of the fourth quarter

reached an average of 9.43 euros/m²/month (2022: 9.00 euros/m²). The

sharpest rent increase was noted in the independent cities in the western

states at +5.7% to 11.11 euros/m². In the eastern rural districts rents increased

by +4.8% (6.95 euros/m²), the same rate of growth as the national average.

Rents in the independent cities in the east (excluding Berlin) and in the rural

districts in the western federal states increased somewhat less sharply, by

+4.4% (7.96 euros/m²) and +4.2% (9.16 euros/m²), respectively.

Spring Real Estate Industry Report 2024

This is about the Spring Real Estate Industry Report in 2025 and what they report for "rents for apartments (quoted rents)" like the quote above. It was 4.8% in 2023. The report should be published end of February 2025.

Resolves YES if the report says >=5.0% for 2024.

Resolves NO if the report is <5.0%.

Close date might be adapted if the report gets published later.

Diagram from the full german version:

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