Will a Ukrainian citizen be elected into the EU parliament?
Jun 14

Latvian liberal party Movement For! will today announce a Ukrainian citizen as its lead candidate for the European election in June. Ivanna Volochiy currently works for the Renew group in the European Parliament. Her party wants Ukraine to join a reformed EU within a decade.

Can she make it? The liberal alliance that included Movement For! and delivered MEP Ivars Ījabs to Brussels in 2019 is no longer operating, and given that Ījabs is running again for another liberal party it means their votes could be split. Movement For! is only polling around 3 percent and is no longer represented in the Latvian parliament. (source)

Resolves YES if MEP elected into the parliament in the EU election in June has Ukrainian citizenship. It does not need to be Ivanna Volochiy. Double citizenship is allowed.

Resolves NO if no such MEP can be found.

Close date might be extended if election results are not finalized.

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