Will a regulatory body modeled on the FDA regulate AI in the US by the end of 2027?

By the end of 2027 will a regulatory body specifically for AI exist in the US that will be referred to as "FDA for AI" or similar by at least two mainstream media outlets?

Explicit mention of FDA is necessary for YES resolution. The body may regulate something broader than AI, for instance advanced computer systems in general, or something narrower, for instance agentic AI/autonomous systems; but it regulating at least some aspect of AI is needed for YES resolution.

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Behind a paywall https://www.economist.com/by-invitation/2023/04/28/yuval-noah-harari-argues-that-ai-has-hacked-the-operating-system-of-human-civilisation but quoted here https://www.econlib.org/harari-and-the-danger-of-artificial-intelligence/ “Just as a pharmaceutical company cannot release new drugs before testing both their short-term and long-term side-effects, so tech companies shouldn’t release new AI tools before they are made safe. We need an equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration for new technology.”

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