Where will the next generation EU gravitational wave telescope (Einstein telescope) be built?
in Sardinia, Italy
near Maastricht, the Netherlands
it will not be decided by the end of 2027
two telescopes will be built in both locations

ET will be the successor of the LIGO/Virgo telescopes, built underground and much bigger in size. Hosting the telescope has obvious consequences for local employment and national prestige. The two main contenders as of now are Italy and the Netherlands.

I will resolve the question to "in Sardinia, Italy" if by the end of 2027 there is consensus that a decision has been reached to build the telescope there. Similarly for "near Maastricht, the Netherlands".

If a different site has conclusively been chosen that is more than 250 km away from Maastricht and is not located in Sardinia (as defined by the administrative borders of the region) I will resolve to Other.

If by the end of 2027 the telescope location will still not have been chosen, I will resolve to "it will not be decided by the end of 2027".

If both sites will be chosen and two telescopes will be built, I will resolve to "two telescopes will be built in both locations". Note that these must be two actual telescopes that will take gravitational wave data and that will be bigger than current state of the art interferometers (e.g. Virgo), not just administrative offices or data centers or prototypes. If, for instance, a telescope is built in Sardinia and a related facility (that is not a telescope) is built near Maastricht, I will resolve to "in Sardinia, Italy".

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damn that's nice

@RemNi Dalle-3 via gpt4

@mariopasquato did you use the inpainting tool?

@RemNi No, just one prompt, this was back in fall 2023 though

bought Ṁ50 in Sardinia, Italy YES

Proximity to scientists is less important than favorable geology.

@CraigTalbert but being an island complicates the logistics, doesn't it?

I didn't know about this one

Is is due well before LISA, or will the two be complementary (like, detecting different wavelengths or something)?

@Ppau Complementary in wavelength coverage

2024 ET symposium will be held in Maastricht if that is any indication