Will a billionaire make a Manifold market by the end of 2023
resolved Jan 5

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@levifinkelstein can you resolve

What if they achieve the billionairity after making the market, will it count?

Have any millionaires made markets yet?

@Conflux I would have thought lots. Scott Alexander must be a millionaire with all that Substack money. There are various other public figures on here, some of whom will have money. But also, I think there are some mid-late career programmers and people who work in finance on here. Any American with a high salary and a desire to have savings will get to be a millionaire pretty quick.

Seems hard to prove, but it seems very likely to me. If somebody made a market with resolution criteria I could get behind (big if), I'd buy to 95% or more.

@Conflux Yes. Both of you have even traded in a millionaire's market before.

@Mira Any specific users you’re confident are millionaires, or is that not public?

@Conflux There's a specific user I'm thinking of, but I won't spoil the mystery.

@Mira millionaires? I can think of atleast 4 off the top of my head. One of them is in my managrams @Conflux if you want a hint

@8 you’re a millionaire right

@Conflux uhhhhhhhh

@Conflux just seeing this market now but i think i would count