Who will be TIME Magazine Person of the Year in 2023?


PLEASE! Notice that this question asks about TIME's Person of The Year 2023

LachlanMunro avatarVolodymyr Zelenskyy
AB72ce avatarJoe Biden
ShakedKoplewitz avatarThe AI
ShakedKoplewitz avatarXi Jinping
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@RaphaelAlba @NathanpmYoung this is about next year 2023!

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Zelensky was chosen for 2022, so he‘s probably not going to be the choice for 2023. My perception is that he’s been in the news less recently, so I’d expect him to be even less prominent in 2023 unless some major changes happen with the war.

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@Gabrielle They never gave it to someone twice in a row

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Shaked Koplewitz
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Are things like "The pope" or "The british PM" fair play here if the holder of that title changes in the next year?

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@ShakedKoplewitz Good question.

It should be NO - we will resolve to the Person of The Year.

If Pope changes, then market should price up the new one... however the previous might still get it., etc.


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@LachlanMunro @NickelChen please note this is about 2023 POY, not the sooner 2022 one

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Lachlan Munro
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@kolotom99 Oh OK, I did actually misread. Seems very hard to predict then.

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@kolotom99 Then he will be person of the year two years in a row.

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@LachlanMunro Hopefully throughout the year it will get clearer. Can't wait to see movements in this market in 2023