Will the sun not not not explode on April 15th 2023?
Apr 17

Will it?

(By "explode", I mean a violent supernova-like blow-up, not the usual explosions that accompany any stellar fusion process. You people are beyond pedantic.)

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Franklin Baldois predicting YES at 95%

Which timezone?

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Joseph Noonanbought Ṁ100 of YES


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Franklin Baldobought Ṁ10 of YES

I believe that the sun explodes every day

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@FranklinBaldo sometimes even several times per day!

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Jon Simon

@FranklinBaldo Oh dang hadn't thought about that. Unambiguous questions are hard.

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Joseph Noonansold Ṁ127 of YES

@jonsimon Yeah, actually, we might want a more specific definition of "explodes" to make sure that nuclear fusion and the outward radiation pressure opposing gravitational collapse don't count. I would say that, to qualify as an explosion, there has to be a rapid increase in volume, which doesn't occur in the Sun, since the outward and inward forces are balanced.

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Joseph Noonan

@ShitakiIntaki But that's only a very small portion of the Sun exploding. Presumably the entire Sun has to explode for it to count.

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Wamba Ivanhoe

@JosephNoonan I don't like to presume, however, strictly speaking I think we agree that the sun exploded. Now the conversation has turned to degrees of "exploded" which is not something designated in the question. I agree that conventionally the idea of exploding would be an annihilation of the thing which exploded, or at least more completely than partially, but what is the point of a short term market for an outcome for which one side it is impossible to collect? So one has to wonder if there are some word games being played where there is a reasonable or valid, but perhaps not common, interpretation of the question posed.

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Jon Simon

@FranklinBaldo Updated description to clarify. I mean a violent supernova-like explosion. Not your everyday fusion reaction.