Will Netanyahu remain Israel's PM until the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves YES if Netanyahu continues to be Israel's PM for the rest of 2023, NO if Netanyahu ceases to be PM in 2023.

Context: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/27/angry-protests-strikes-paralyse-israel-as-netanyahu-resists-pausing-widely-hated-judicial-reforms.html

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This MSNBC interview with an Israeli reporting who has covered Netanyahu for years surprised me. I did not realize Netanyahu has been avoiding people. Yes, he met with Blinken. But this suggests he is totally stage managing his life instead of leading his people. And there's a protest led by families of the hostages.

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predicted NO

@TiredCliche some further context for Netanyahu avoiding people - he has been boycotting the news channels for several years now (4 I think), and has been refusing to allow journalists to ask him questions - all of his public appearances are statements, and don't include a Q&A section.

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Remember when we found out years after 9-11 that the hijackers took flight lessons in Florida and showed no interest in learning how to land the plane? Image if they had flown their little Cessna flight school plane on a dry run toward the twin towers repeatedly while people watched in the middle of the day and everyone totally shrugged it off. That is the scope of the difference in terms of intelligence failure between 9/11 and 10/7. Once the rage subsidies and the reason returns Netanyahu is toast.

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To be clear, if anothe election happens and he wins, this settles as yes?

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@ShakedKoplewitz If he wins and then remains PM the rest of the year, yes

@jack What do you think the odds of Bibi dissolving parliament and calling an election by the end of the year?

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@BTE There's a market on that!