Will Magnus Carlsen be sanctioned by FIDE in 2022?

Resolves YES if in 2022, Magnus Carlsen is sanctioned by FIDE for any reason; otherwise NO.



It comes without saying that after Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022, and the accusations of Niemann cheating, the chess world was glued to their screens for their rematch at the Julius Baer Generation Cup. But the Norwegian GM didn’t hold the anticipation for long. He resigned with black after move 2 (1. d4 Nf6 2. c4) and shook the chess world one more time!


Hammer: It is completely unacceptable behavior to losing on purpose, it is the most unsportsmanlike behavior in the world of sports.

Fin Gnatt: Of course, Magnus Carlsen will receive massive criticism for this.

Hammer: I can start with that and say that the World Chess Federation has an ethical regulation. That is what many believed was the reason why Magnus did not want to elaborate on his accusations against Niemann during the St.Louis tournament, was because Magnus risked being sanctioned by the World Chess Federation, if he made accusations without evidence. It may have been part of the reason that Magnus didn't make it clear what he meant but, now when he loses a game on purpose, it is behavior that can be sanctioned in the same way as accusing an opponent of cheating.


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I believe this is a NO, let me know if I missed anything, otherwise will resolve NO.

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It seems to me like Magnus may continue doing as he pleases (i.e. continuing disruptive behavior) so I don't think a sanction is that unlikely.