Will you help find Nikki a temporary home?
resolved Apr 26

Nikki is an energetic, 60lb, half german-shepherd. She's healthy, eats twice a day, and very cuddly.

Preferred dates: March 15 - June 15ish (with flexibility on both ends)

Preferred locations: Austin, but she can brought to you.

Resolves YES if somone who has learned of Nikki only through this market (i.e. excluding me and Nikki's owner) helps find Nikki a home.

Resolves NO if noone here helps find Nikki a home.

I added a M$200 limit order at 5% for those interested in helping Nikki out.

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To confirm my understanding of this market:

  • You want someone to host her for a few months, then give her back?

  • Are you offering any payment for this past the mana invested in this market?

  • How far are you willing to transport her?

  • How does this resolve if a Manifold user offers to take her themselves?

predicted NO

- correct
- I believe @CatThuNguyenHuu is (maybe?) offering a few hundred bucks
- Must be in the US, the closer to Austin the better
- This resolves YES if a manifold user takes care of her for the few months.
It's possible that she has already worked something out, I'll ask Cat.

@ian Ian nailed the answers! No market resolution yet :)

Dude, is Bloomington Indiana too far?!?!

@BTE farther than preferred but definitely not too far! I can hire a dog transport company to bring her there

@CatThuNguyenHuu Wow! Is she okay with other dogs and cats? They are all very friendly!! And much smaller lol!

@CatThuNguyenHuu I have a stellar track record as a dog sitter with references.

@BTE she loves dogs (but sometimes they don't love her because she has too much energy), loves people, and I don't think she's ever seen a cat...

@BTE I'll send you a message!