Will OpenAI reach a settlement with the New York Times over potential copyright issues before June 30, 2024?

The market settles to 'yes' if a reputable source confirms that OpenAI and the New York Times have reached a settlement over potential copyright issues before June 30, 2024. If there's no such confirmation by this date, the market resolves to 'no'.

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Joshua avatar
Joshuapredicts NO

Can you clarify your definition of settlement? As in, settling an ongoing legal case? Or is it still a settlement if lawyers never get too involved?

chrisjbillington avatar
Chris Billington

@getby could you clarify this?

cowgoesmoo avatar
cowgoesmoobought Ṁ50 of NO

i'm hoping this goes to court so we'll have a precedent for ai copyright

JamesColiar avatar
James Coliar


I'm hoping not so we can minimize the existence of government-created monopolies.