Will OpenAI be sued (with standing) for using transcribed YouTube videos for GPT before 2026?

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i don’t think google wants to start this war - i doubt their models are 100% trained on data they own

@Soli Might they be sued by an entity other than google?


Yeah, the idea was to allow for (not that I'm a lawyer so maybe this is implausible) a class action lawsuit by YouTube creators whose copyright was infringed, as opposed to a lawsuit from Google over breaching their terms.

That might have been a mistake though, as it is now if a single person files a lawsuit that might "technically" resolve it YES, the 'with standing' was intended to combat silly lawsuits but it obviously doesn't perfectly line up with a sense of 'is this a significant lawsuit', I'll maybe clarify that it has to be 'big enough' in some nebulous sense.

I swear I wrote a description when I created this, wonder what happened to it