Will Someone Generate an Income >= $32000/year from Manifold Markets Related Economic Activities by EOY 2024?
Dec 31

Income can be from and is not limited to:

  • MANA trading

  • Content creation

  • Consulting

  • Fulfilling manifold markets related bouties

  • Paid market creation / participation / resolution


  • Converting MANA to charitable donation does not count

For this market to resolves yes, someone* should declare in the comment section that they have generate the income during any 365-day period ending from now to market close, and give a detailed breakdown of the income streams. The streams should add up to >= 32000 USD, or equivalent at prevalent exchange rate. I will ask to verify randomly selected records.

I will send 100 USDC (or other stablecoin of your choice) to the first person whose comment resolves this to "Yes".

*Any user with or used to have an "I work on Manifold!" badge is not eligble.

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Do manifold employees count?

@PatMyron No. See the last paragraph in description.