Will there be an open source LLM as good as GPT4 by June 2024?
Jan 5

I will use my subjective judgement for resolving whether it is as good as GPT-4, but benchmark results will play a part in shaping that judgement. The rest will be qualitative measurement.

Whether something is "open source" is defined liberally here and also will be determined by my subjective judgement, but generally I will deem something open source if (a) anyone can access it and (b) it wasn't the result of an unintentional leak/exfiltration, regardless of the precisions of the license.

I will not personally be trading on this market because it relies on my subjective judgement.

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@firstuserhere GPT-4 as it is then or as it is at market open?

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@TobiasH the benchmark results for GPT-4 from its report at the time of release, and qualitative baseline of today's GPT-4