Will the Collatz conjecture (3x+1) be solved by an amature?
resolved Apr 10

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kenakofer avatar
kenakoferpredicted YES

I did a double take, thinking the conjecture was solved! I think all us yes traders were thinking this wouldn't resolve until it was solved one way or the other. Can this be reopened?

WilliamHoward avatar
Will Howardpredicted NO at 20%

Do you mean by the time the market closes, or in general?

fejfo avatar
fejfopredicted YES at 7%

@WilliamHoward I meant in general, it's my first market and I didn't mean to add a time limit, how should I resolve it now?

NathanNguyen avatar
Nathan Nguyenpredicted NO at 7%

@fejfo I’d suggest either NA because it’s still unknown whether the the conjecture will be solved by an amateur. Or NO because it was not in fact solved by the time the market closed.

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