Will Rivian (RIVN) worth $100B or more before end of 2025?

At the time of writing the share is worth $10.69 and market capitalisation of $10.45B.

Will resolve yes if the value is equal or above $100B.

Disclaimer: I'm a shareholder.

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Update: it’s now valued at $8.8B

I'm assuming there is a spelling error in the description: $10B should be $100B?

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@Sindre Oh, shoot. I didn't assume that.

@esusatyo Maybe N/A this market?

@Sindre Yes you’re right. One fixed the error. @HarrisonNathan i can refund you if you assumed wrong. Please sell your bets.

@esusatyo I did. Just lost 1 single mana to @Botlab.

@HarrisonNathan Sent you a refund of 10M. Please keep betting in my markets 😄

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