Will Rivian go bankrupt before 2030?

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As of 2022, Rivian had total assets of $17.9 billion and total equity of $13.8 billion. The company's revenue for the same year was $1.66 billion(Wikipedia). However, Rivian also reported a net loss of $6.8 billion in 2022. This indicates that the company is currently operating at a loss, which is not uncommon for startups in capital-intensive industries like electric vehicle manufacturing.

 According to Macroaxis, Rivian has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 37.0% based on its latest financial disclosure. This measure is used to show the chance of financial distress over the next two years of operations under current economic and market conditions. But, it's important to note that this probability should not be confused with the actual chance of a company filing for bankruptcy. It's a measure of financial distress, which means the company is having difficulty meeting its current financial obligations or delivering on the expectations of its investors(Macroaxis).

So, we can understand if they don't reduce their costs soon as they're loosing revenue they will be out of cash soon. So either they get miracle for sales and production but as far as current data suggests it's going to get bankrupt.

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