Will Comma.ai let me read a book while driving before Tesla does?

This question is a proxy for "which is better, Comma.ai or Tesla?" or which one I'll prefer to get. I plan to resolve-to-PROB if it's ambiguous.

Originally I said "Full Self-Driving Beta" but it doesn't matter what Tesla calls it. Just whatever the best thing Tesla sells is.

Hacking the Comma.ai to bypass the "is the driver watching the road" mechanism doesn't count. Safety first! (But if I become convinced that it's actually plenty safe to bypass that mechanism, that could conceivably count.)

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What if neither will let you read a book by close date? Do you resolve to N/A or PROB?

predicts NO

@howtodowtle My inclination is to just keep extending the close date in that case.

@dreev Cool, thanks for clarifying!

If anyone objects to that, do say so! Also is it annoying if I keep pushing the deadline out vs just setting it to the year 2099 right now in order to make it effectively open-ended?

@dreev I would understand your resolution plans without looking at the comments if you set to 2099, but I think I would be a little surprised by the "keep extending" thing. Is there a cost to a far resolution date?

@MrMagnolia I don't think so! When I made this market I think I was naively imagining that we'd know the answer within a year [and a half, I guess]. Setting an end date could be viewed as setting an alarm clock, reminding us to revisit the market and see if it's resolvable?

@dreev Hm good point. My guess is traders will ping you when resolution time comes around, but not sure

@MrMagnolia Manifold itself bugs me when we hit the close date. It just did so now and I pushed it out to the end of 2023. Again, people should let me know if this is annoying and I should just set it to 2099.

@dreev By "traders will ping you when resolution time comes around" I meant that they'd let you know if there was a long end date, but Comma.ai or Tesla lets you read a book while driving beforehand (perhaps that was clear, but for clarity)

Do audiobooks count?
@Yev Ha, no! :)

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