Will Cruise or Waymo open their services to everyone in SF by end of 2024?

From @CarsonGale:

"Resolves positively if, by 2024-12-31, either Cruise or Waymo permit anyone physically located in San Francisco to order ride-hailing services. Any subsection of SF counts - it doesn't have to permit you to access all or any combination of neighborhoods. The important criteria is that, with the exception of common-sense restrictions (i.e., no smoking or other minor filtering mechanisms), anyone can order a Waymo or Cruise car.

Public access similar to Uber/Lyft/Bird/Lime would resolve positively."

Basically the same market as https://manifold.markets/CarsonGale/will-cruise-or-waymo-open-their-ser-7f899e879f0b but resolves one year later.

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