Will there be a high-profile power struggle at Anthropic before 2026?

Tentatively resolves as whether there's media coverage of Anthropic governance / direction having the same magnitude of publicity, and similar stakes to Nov 2023 OpenAI, and the Google+DeepMind merger. The event in question must be contentious, having certain Anthropic or Anthropic-investor stakeholders visibly attempting to prevent the event.

I plan to actively take into consideration advice on the resolution of this question until Nov 26 2023. After that will try to keep changes to criterion minimal.

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The title says "power struggle" but the description would include amicable or less controversial changes in governance.

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@iftruethentrue Oh right good catch I intended this to be a contentious issue in which some stakeholders make an effort to prevent the event. I'll change the description accordingly.

E.g. if all of Anthropic wants to merge-and-assist and they go through with it, then that would not be relevant to this question.

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@JacobPfau Seems like this may involve a judgement call so open to suggestion if there's a way to make this cleaner.

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