Will Palestine become a full United Nations member state before 2030?

The UN General Assembly voted to give the State of Palestine non-member observer status in 2012, and conferred further powers in 2018.

To become a full member the UN, a candidate country must be recommended for admission by the UN Security Council with nine votes out of sixteen (and no use of veto power by China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, or France), and approved by a two-thirds supermajority in the UN General Assembly.

Palestine is diplomatically recognized by 139 out of 193 UN member states, including China and Russia, but is not recognized by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom (all which have veto power on the UN Security Council).

This question resolves YES if a government representing Palestine becomes a full UN member state before 2030.

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the Security Council needs to approve before full statehood is recognised, but Palestine was given more rights at the UN today with a vote to recognise membership

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