Will Congestion Pricing in NYC be enforced by the end of 2024?

There has been a long history of pushback and delays since Congestion Pricing was proposed over a decade ago. Will it actually be implemented and enforced next year, or delayed yet again?

Resolves Yes if any drivers are charged Congestion pricing fees between now and the end of 2024. I will still consider it resolved Yes if it is enforced at some point but revoked later. I'll rely on official NYC sources (DOT, etc.) or reputable news articles as evidence.


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@JoshYou Looks like the NY legislature is going to end its 2024 session without passing any funding (either permanent or temporary) to replace congestion pricing revenue.


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With less than a month until the implementation of congestion pricing, Gov. Kathy Hochul has decided to postpone the tolling program indefinitely, sources familiar with governor’s plans told NY1.

Hochul doesn't have final say, the MTA board still needs to vote on it. The reporting so far hasn't made it clear whether the board will just rubber stamp her decision or not.

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@zQ4Z82W they're gunna overrule her this is gunna be such a shitshow

@AndyMartin this is great! Thanks Andy!

To clarify, when you say “by the end of 2024”, are you saying that it must still be in place at the end of 2024, or just be enacted at some point before then? If it is started before then and then reversed, will the question still resolve YES?

@Gabrielle It just needs to be enacted at some point between now and the end of 2024. If a single driver is charged the fee, then I consider it resolved Yes. Thanks for the clarifying question!

Updated the description to include this point.