Will NYC close an entire street to cars before 2050?

In an effort to incentivize use of public transport or micro-mobility schemes, urbanism advocates are calling for the closure of some streets to cars. These streets could be pedestrianized, made bus only, replaced with only cycling lanes, etc.

The street has to be in Manhattan and be numbered. For instance, streets below Houston Av. do not count because there are many which make a closure significantly more likely. Same goes for streets in Greenwich Village. Also, because streets become significantly shorter north of 125th, I'm only including streets below 125th.

It is enough for only the East or West section of a street to be closed to cars. If it's less than 100% of the street (as in, only a few blocks), I will reserve the right to make the call. I will not bet on this market. I am expecting that if this done, it will call a lot of attention and there will be consensus whether it consists of a comprehensive closure to cars.

Closure has to be permanent.

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