Will Escher Lefkoff be the #1 ranked pinball player on the first day of 2024?
closes Jan 1

He is currently number 1 at the time of this markets creation. ifpapinball.com/rankings/overall.php

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JustNo avatar

Very fun to see a pinball market. No idea who this is or how static pinball rankings are, just going to throw a penny bet to cheer it on.

JoshuaB avatar
Joshuabought Ṁ10 of YES

TIL there were pinball rankings. Resolution is based on the WPPR ranking, or based on where he appears when you visit that link?

3 replies
asmith avatar
Andrew Smith

@JoshuaB Aren't those two things the same thing? The player with the most active WWPRs is ranked #1.

JoshuaB avatar
Joshuapredicts YES

@EzraSchott Er, prolly. I don’t really follow competitive pinball. I guess what I’m asking is if they change the metric that the website sorts by when you go to that link, say, by rating, will that have any bearing on the market? Or is it going to be based on the WPPR no matter what that exact link shows?

asmith avatar
Andrew Smith

@JoshuaB If by some chance they change the rating system so that it's not based on WPPR points anymore, then I'll go with the new rating system. Unless there's some very compelling reason not to.