Will there exist popular smart glasses with LLM integration by 2027?

Popular - subjective. I'll clarify the criteria as things unfold, but let's say more than 300,000 units sold.

The idea is that if you can give image inputs to GPT-4 and get back natural language description of the scene, and you can use the description to do task planning, etc, then integration into a smart glasses which processes things you see in real time, it could be v valuable even in jobs which don't directly require one to work with computers, or aren't easily automated (i think the phrase is blue collar work is the phrase, but I'm not familiar with it).

The integration doesn't have to output text to the smartglasses screen. It could take a sequence of actions, have voice integration, or produce outputs in other modalities or forms. Something like huggingGPT would also work.

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I'm surprised that this market did not see a jump after Facebook announced MetaAI integration with RayBans:


@firstuserhere I feel like there is a decent case to be made for a resolution if MetaAI is a LLM

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@firstuserhere Are these popular?

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@osmarks Also, I don't consider these real smart glasses. They have no display hardware.

@osmarks no, not popular yet. Still mentioned cuz it should update market a bit

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@firstuserhere As an ideal Bayesian reasoner*, I already made predictable updates based on predictable evidence.

@firstuserhere does this market require the glasses to have a display? These Meta glasses would count if they became popular right?

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