Will OpenAI offer a free tier for chatGPT through the end of 2024?

i.e. a free tier is available for users to use before 2025 is over continuously. This obviously does not include any outages - the service is offered by OpenAI throughout. In case of company mergers and acquisitions, the most suitable replacement for OpenAI might be edited into the title.

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@firstuserhere i don't understand, gpt3.5 was free for already a long time. It just needs to stay free at every point of the year?

@KongoLandwalker unless GPT-3.5 is not offered anymore, for example. Maybe gpt-4 becomes available for free instead of 3.5, maybe just the turbo, maybe its just a locked service to manage server load while offering SORA like services. see markets by @Soli

@firstuserhere but if free 3.5 is replaced by free 4.0 that is still "service being free through the year".

i dont disagree- this is very likely to be YES

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