Will ChatGPT keep a free to access option by 2025?

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has previously stated ChatGPT will need monetization. One of these ways is a paid subscription for more features, but the question is if this expands more in the future.

Mar 6, 1:41am: Will ChatGPT keep a free to access option by 2025 → Will ChatGPT keep a free to access option by 2025?

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They are sitting on a gold mine of potential advertising revenue from free users. Imagine the detailed behavioral targeting they could do based on your past conversations, without even requiring any third-party cookies, and without even having to sell targeting data to brokers.

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@ML Great point. The data itself is already huge, with advertising being extra income it really is a geniune "gold mine" like you stated.

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@Canoezzz There are also ways to monetize we probably haven't properly thought of yet, e.g. "I am sorry. The death of a pet can be traumatic and stressful. Here are some effective ways to cope: (...) * Drinking a delicious Pepsi"

Sorry, stupid question: does "by 2025" mean by the end of the last day of 2025?

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@ErnieBornheimer not a stupid question at all. I'll clarify that "by 2025" is the commencement/start of 2025. I would've said 'by the end' if it was the last day of 2025.

@Canoezzz Thank you! I still wonder though, if that usage is consistent across the site?

@ErnieBornheimer no, unfortunately there have been some controversial markets as a result of the use of the word "by".

I've personally always understood it as "by 2025" = before 2025 starts, but apparently not everyone interprets it that way.

@DavidChee Yikes! I'm glad I asked. Thanks!

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@DavidChee I would've thought so but I'll start clarifying "by the start of 2025" or "end of". As interpretation can differ, thank you for your insight.

@Canoezzz Sounds good, thank you!