Wiil manifold.love ("manifold dating") switch to "maintenance mode" or shut down in 2024?
resolved Mar 11

"Shut down" is not meant here in the sense that it ceases to exist - it is fairly low cost to keep it running.

"Shut down" is meant in the sense of "active development for the project stops - no new features are being shipped out - developer time is only for maintenance if any" and " there's very little push to develop it further"

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Explicitly stated in the latest Above The Fold:

Manifold.Love is going into maintenance mode while we focus on our core product.”

How long does dev have to stop for?

@MartinRandall @firstuserhere the last significant change was over 3 weeks ago and there don't seem to be any new features planned

How are you defining “shut down”? The URL will likely still be valid and presumably would point back here if .love was abandoned. If user profiles still exist? If dev work has occurred recently? If there is a single DAU?

I ask as I expect it to wither on the vine rather than be hard shut down.

@Noit active development stops

@firstuserhere Maintenance mode seems very different from the meaning of "shut down"

@JamesGrugett i changed title to reflect that

predicted NO

@firstuserhere Hm I definitely made bets based on the original title.

@Marsteralex Then this is your chance to make new bets on the revamped title. It's not as if the content of the market has changed. The title change is merely decorative.

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