Jun 2
Real Madrid

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bought Ṁ16 Dortmund YES

Dortmund will park the bus and pray for a miracle, my prediction is that they get it.

Bayern resolves no

sold Ṁ237 Bayern Munich NO

@tpking Could @Gen please help? Thanks

bought Ṁ5 Dortmund NO

PSG resolves NO (but this will require a mod, banned creator)

@Ziddletwix Can @Eliza or @SirCryptomind help please? Thanks

bought Ṁ181 Atletico Madrid NO

Hi @SirCryptomind, could you resolve Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City "No", please?

bought Ṁ2 Dortmund YES

Am I dumb or are these adding up to more than 100

sold Ṁ10 Arsenal YES

@ItsMe oh it's not linked

boughtṀ4,500PSV Eindhoven NO

@firstuserhere Porto, Lazio, Copenhagen, Inter Milan, RB Leipzig, Real Sociedad, Napoli and PSV Eindhoven can all resolve NO. Thank you!

@NFL Thanks for reminding me, resolving

I can resolve the markets for teams which cannot progress to the knockout stage. Anyone want to share a list? (I've not been following ucl closely so far this season)

sold Ṁ1 of PSV Eindhoven YES

@GustavoMafra no big upsets this time?

@firstuserhere biggest upset was Man Utd getting knocked out by Copenhagen in group phase

@GustavoMafra ok, resolved

I created a single page for all the predictions about the UCL finals you wanna make

Sorry! Bug-hunting is still in progress! Closing all these until everything is figured out.

bought Ṁ70 of Lazio NO

@Joshua Again?!?!


Hopefully no N/A required this time once it's fixed

@Joshua This is why features should have a slow rollout. Get A/B testing with the first rollout to trustworthy users who likely wont exploit stuff and then roll out to the masses.

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