By March 14, 2025, will there be an AI model with over 10 trillion parameters?

Finished training.

it should be competitive with SOTA of the time. Rough estimates ofc but not too far behind.

I will not trade in this market.

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If I take llama and "mixture of experts"" it a thousand times, then the resulting system has a lot of parameters, is state of the art(if not efficient in parameter use), and isn't THAT costly to run 🤔

@Mira do it

Does any open source model resolves to YES, or only entreprise models?

... can I train a 10 trillion MNIST classifier? :)

@BarrDetwix yes you can :) it'll be a tad bit costly though. And I think i should ammend the description to say that it should be competitive with SOTA of the time

Apologies for the title change, I will compensate if you want me to. I've changed title to AI model instead of LLM because we soon will have VLMs (vision language models) become popular, etc.