Will the BLS show growth in software engineer employment through 2029?

See: https://twitter.com/paulg/status/1787833286334480593

"BP NEEDS 70% FEWER THIRD-PARTY CODERS BECAUSE OF AI: CEO Highest paid jobs about to be hit with a neutron bomb."

This market will resolve according to this source if available: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/software-developers.htm. If not, will look for best available parallel.

Right now, it lists 1,795,300 jobs as of 2022.

(For the record, it says average salary $130,160 or $62.58 per hour)

This resolves YES if the number listed is at least 1,800,000 jobs at resolution, however lagged that measurement might be at the time.

This resolves NO if the number listed is less than that.

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Just to check: you say "through 2029" but if the numbers dip below 1.8mil and then go back up such that they're over the threshold, this still resolves YES, right?

@MaxHarms It matters what it is at resolution, not what it is in the interim.

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