Will there be a decline in software engineer salaries attributed to AI by the end of 2029?

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Elasticities elasticities elasticities! Now if we were talking about AI burying dead people automatically, clearly an increase in undertaker productivity due to such automation would result in job destruction, because the number of dead people to bury stays roughly the same over time (barring x-risk). Demand for funerals is very inelastic to price. On the other hand coding faster and cheaper may result in more code being purchased overall, which could even lead to job creation for programmers, in principle.

My thought is that the number of programming jobs may go down, but the jobs that are still being done by humans will be more skilled, and so salaries will increase.

Not betting more because of long timeline and unclear resolution criteria.

predicts NO

Re: the timeline. I did create markets for 2025 and 2027 if you’d prefer to trade on those.

Re: the resolution criteria. I agree. If there is no decline in pay I will resolve NO. Otherwise it will be highly subjective and largely based on what economists attribute the decline to.

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