What will be true about the Francis Scott Key bridge disaster by 2025? (Add Your Own Answer)
An overload trip mechanism was activated on the ship
Ship rudder was not disabled during power loss event.
Ship ran propeller in reverse before colliding with bridge
Ship switched from one primary fuel source to another between leaving and colliding with bridge
Ship had bad fuel
The loss of power was caused by a cooling water blockage
At least one member of the road crew working on the bridge received a warning about the ship via phone/radio before the collision
Ship sounded its horn at least once between the first power loss and the collision
Between the ship undocking and the collision, a person on the ship sustained a physical injury serious enough to prevent them from doing their job
Ship operators were on drugs
A person on the ship at the time of the collision will be convicted of assault against another person on the ship.
A person was trespassing on the ship at the time of the collision
A part of the ship other than the anchor fell off between leaving and the collision
Container Ship was victim of cyber attack
Ship dropped anchor before colliding with the bridge
An emergency generator was activated on the ship before the collision

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Emergency generator was activated before collision

Unfortunately, I believe it will be difficult to establish facts about this incident. There is missing data from the MV Dali's black box. I will keep investigating and close these out as reliable info becomes available.

@Yoae I don’t think you should feel too much pressure to resolve these quickly. There will be official reports coming out in the coming weeks and months, and I don’t see any harm in keeping many of these open until verified by a credible source, for example the coast guard or NTSB investigations.

It's too late for me to edit it now, but in the "overload trip mechanism" option, I meant to refer to an "over SPEED trip mechanism", as described here.

Hope you don't mind me adding all the options, @Yoae - I'm also not seeing the option to resolve them (not to say that I'd resolve any at this time, just to say that I think you're the only person with power to resolve) so I hope I'm writing these clearly enough that you'll be able to settle them at close.

@Jwags I closed out one possibility. It is hard to verify anything about this incident so far. If you have any reliable sources with answers, please let me know.

bought αΉ€10 Ship dropped anchor ... YES

We already know the ship lost power either partially or completely.