When will a bridge like the Francis Scott Key Bridge In Baltimore be accessible again?
Dec 31
Summer Solstice 2029
Summer Solstice 2028
Summer Solstice 2027
Spring Equinox 2027
Christmas 2025
Summer Solstice 2026
Summer Solstice 2025
Christmas 2024
Halloween 2024

When will the bridge either be repaired, or a new bridge constructed that a car can drive across in it's place?

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The original construction took almost 5 years from permitting (June 1972 - March 1977); it was already behind schedule and over budget when the permit was issued. Bids and approvals were 1970-1971. A couple options in the 2029-2031 range might make sense given that baseline, possibly along with one or more options for "even slower than the original".

@EvanDaniel That's a big timespan, there's some arguments for 'faster than the original', given that's it's now a big political will, but this could take awhile.

@Fedor Well the other argument that we need some longer time span options is simply that the longest dated one you have is still only trading at ~ 50%! Maybe just add another longer-dated option and see where it trades?

bought Ṁ10 Summer Solstice 2029 YES

@EvanDaniel Anyone can add answers, I just filled it out a little bit. Don't think we need more than 1/year granularity further out.

bought Ṁ20 Spring Equinox 2027 YES

What is the summer equinox?

@AndrewHebb Just me being a dumbass (I mean the summer solstice)

Marc Andreessen predicts never

Will every market after the repair/rebuild date resolve to Yes? Or just the closest one?

@AlexBeal Every markets after the repair/build. Those options would all have the bridge 'accessible again'


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