Will Sam Altman be Time's Person of the Year 2023
resolved Dec 6

OpenAI seems to be ahead of everyone else in the LLM race at the moment, and GPT-4 is rumoured to come out early next year 👀

If Sam Altman is identified by name as one of the Time people of the year this will resolve YES. I.e. "Sam Altman and ChatGPT" is a YES, but "Everyone" or "You" is a NO.

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Time Person of the Year has been achieved externally

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This is the worst photo I have ever seen of her.

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@BTE It surely has to be on purpose - trying to move away from having her brand and success so linked to her looks, as she gets older

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You know how weeks after the Super Bowl it is hard to remember who even played? Well, in a matter of days, I will forget Time magazine even exists.

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@KevinBlaw As far as I am concerned Time should change their name to TMZ. What a joke.

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@BTE TMZ PotY is Paris Jackson though.

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@BTE TMZ has much bigger reach at this point.

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Remember that one time they announced the wrong Oscar winner? What if......

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@FrederickNorris That would be the funniest thing ever

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@SirCryptomind She should sue whoever signed the publicity release for that photo.


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@SirCryptomind Time calling her a cat lady just because she won't marry. Sad.

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Even in sam’s section they can’t stop themselves from using the word ‘swift’

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@NicoDelon oh how times change

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@Joshua i see what you did there

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Have people talked about this? Why is the company called Sama?!

I haven’t found a single market on this and I’m only now realizing people could be talking about two completely different things when referring to ‘Sama’. It’s so weird.

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@NicoDelon Ppl talked about a lot, and I think there was pushback to the framing: the wages were substantially above market rate. I don’t think anyone is referring to this when they say “Sama” tho 😆

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@benshindel Here? I don’t recall. (Wages don’t seem to be the issue—it’s the exposure to distressing content.) But my main point is why in the world is nobody talking about the fact that the firm is called Sama?!

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@NicoDelon Sam's orb company for scanning everyone's iris is the sketchiest thing he is doing. He is certainly not trustworthy to control that type of personal data imo.

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@BTE To be clear, I’m not posting this to diss on Altman or OpenAI—I don’t have a stance—but because I find the naming coincidence (which apparently it really is) uncanny, and because that’s the first article that pops up when I google TIME ChatGPT.

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@NicoDelon Haha, I am not really trying to diss Altman either. But I do think he does some weird things. I don't think the name is a coincidence, I think Altman was looking for a company to provide a service and consciously chose it because it would have that effect on you and others who discover it later.