Will Sam Altman be Time Person of the Year by 2028?

He has set himself nicely.

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Good time to buy cheap shares

he's at 23% for 2023 and at 23% for any year til 2028? so the market's giving him 0% for all the years after 2023? I am skeptical. ig maybe 23% for 2023 is overpriced

Dude is getting his PR tour covered like he is the president or Secretary of State or Tim Cook. 👀

predicts NO

Relevant market

Have to agree, they'd just make the chatbot the person of the year

@ForrestTaylor I have a question about that too. The chatbot itself is unlikely to be distinguished from others, but Altman will always be the face of AGI or whatever this tech is ultimately called.

@ForrestTaylor And just curious, who are you agreeing with? Are there comments here I can’t see because I am blocked??

@BTE Lol no, I was agreeing with the market being at 10%