Will Anthropic have a major conflict involving its unique corporate structure similar to OpenAI before 2030?

In late 2023, Sam Altman got into a conflict with the non-profit board of directors of OpenAI, resulting in his firing, reinstatement, and reconstitution of the board.

Anthropic has a different but similar structure, the "Long-Term Benefit Trust", detailed here: https://www.anthropic.com/news/the-long-term-benefit-trust

Notably, it says that the Trust will be able to appoint a majority of Anthropic board members within 4 years (of September 2023).

There is some discretion in resolution criteria, but some relevant conflicts include:

-Dario or a future CEO is removed from their position by the Board (can include a resignation if signs of duress involved)

-Investors in Anthropic demand changes to the corporate structure, and the structure is changed as a result

-The company fails due to lack of funding because the Trust will not change and future investors refuse to fund it

-Anthropic reorganizes the corporate structure before losing a majority of board seats to the Trust, and the Trust no longer receives voting control

-The company voluntarily closes down due to safety concerns raised by the Trust

Another way of framing the question: will the LTBT have a directly relevant and negative impact on the typical business functioning of Anthropic (disruption of leadership, funding, existence of the company, et al)?

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