Will SBF be imprisoned before 2030
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Will SBF plead guilty?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
33% chance
Will Going Infinite explicitly assert that SBF misused customer funds because the "ends justify the means?"
Benthamite avatarBenthamite
31% chance
Will SBF take a plea deal?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
41% chance
SBF convicted of a felony before 2024
GeorgeVii avatarGeorgeVii
42% chance
Will either of SBF's parents be charged by the end of 2023 with a crime for their involvement with FTX / Alameda Research?
34% chance
Will SBF be in prison by Dec 2023?
Wobbles avatarWobbles
21% chance
Will SBF be in prison by Dec 2024
Wobbles avatarWobbles
80% chance
Does SBF get a sentence of 50 years or more?
GeorgeVii avatarGeorgeVii
27% chance
Will SBF plead guilty? (2023)
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
32% chance
Will SBF be offered a deal?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
68% chance
Will SBF start a prison sentence in 2023
MatthewSlotkin avatarMatthew Slotkin
22% chance
Will SBF be sentenced to 20+ Years?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
78% chance
Will SBF change his plea before the trial starts?
Does SBF get a sentence of 20 years or more?
BenjaminIkuta avatarBenjamin Ikuta
76% chance
SBF Trial in October
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
29% chance
How much will we believe SBF committed willful fraud in the FTX collapse after 1 year? [Poll, resolves to avg %]
jack avatarJack
86% chance
Conditional on SBF being convicted of a felony, how long will his jail sentence be?
Will SBF testify at his trial?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
34% chance
Will Michael Lewis testify at SBF's trial?
SBF convicted of a felony before 2026
HarrisonLucas avatarHarrison Lucas
93% chance
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Robi Rahman

To clarify: this only counts imprisonment, i.e. being held in a prison (not jail, house arrest, etc), right?

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VivaLaPandapredicts YES
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Vincent Luczkowbought Ṁ10 of NO

On base rates 50% is way too high

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Athena C.predicts NO

What would SBF be charged with?

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Wie Danbought Ṁ10 of YES


"SBF transferred at least $4b in FTX funds to support alameda. A portion of these FTX funds were customer deposits."

fraud? embezzlement?

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