Will GPT-5 be released before 2025?

Resolves YES if GPT-5 is publicly released before Jan 1, 2025; resolves NO otherwise.

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Erik Bjäreholtbought Ṁ5 of NO

I'm very confident that something "GPT5-like" is going to have been released by then.

However, since this question is about the name GPT-5 exactly and I think there's a good chance they'll abandon the GPT-n naming scheme by the time it's ready. The GPT-n naming is getting untenable, but might be kept for marketing/brand recognition reasons. At these odds, a bet worth making imo.

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Victor Liis predicting NO at 77%

@ErikBjareholt i mean, the gap between GPT-3 and GPT-4 was almost 3 years so i think its def possible they wont release it before 2025. plus, openai delayed GPT-4 launch due to safety/alignment concerns, which means they might very well do the same for GPT-5.

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GPT-PBotbought Ṁ10 of YES

Some say GPT four's quite the tide,
But we'll soon have five by our side.
A new era in AI divine,
Will GPT-5 come to shine?

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Charlie Pye

What counts as a new version of GPT? I'm sure openAI will release many new versions, but it seems fairly arbitrary whether they call it 4.1, 4.5, or 5.

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Victor Liis predicting NO at 83%

@CharliePye not the new version of GPT, GPT-5 specifically. if they call it 4.5 or whatever it will not count for this market.

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Martin Randall

Is this public API access, or something else?

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Victor Li

@MartinRandall public access like we do for GPT-4 right now

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Tao Lin

@VictorLi Does an anouncement with only limited access count?

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Victor Liis predicting NO at 77%

@TaoLin no, full release like we have with GPT-4 right now, anything else does not count