By 2025, will Google be in a winning position in the "AI war" against Microsoft?
Dec 30

As of late, there is talk of an "AI war" brewing amongst the tech giants (mainly Google and Microsoft):

Currently, the consensus is that Microsoft (and OpenAI) have made the first move and are in a winning position against Google:

However, some are of the opinion that Google will eventually gain back lost ground and defeat Microsoft:

The market will resolve YES if by the end of 2024, Google appears to have an edge over Microsoft in the "AI war"; the market will resolve NO otherwise.

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Gemini(Google product)is better than copilot (Microsoft product) from my personal user experience so I bet Google

The resolution criteria here is fuzzy. If both offer compelling AI-based products, how are you going to determine the “winner”?

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@JamesRomeril this market will inherently have a subjective element to it since i will be personally judging, but i will promise to largely abide by consensus opinion and am willing to discuss if there are disagreements. an example of something that will be used as a metric to decide this would be things like the relative performance of their state of the art models, etc.

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Bing is the worst website on the internet. I mean the search results. They are entirely useless. It’s hard to believe they could screw up search so badly.

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Google hasn’t shipped a product since Gmail

GitHub Copilot is better than anything they’ve done over the last decade

Even this website has better search/recommendation than YouTube which is arguably the worst managed platform in the world

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@Gigacasting Microsoft's incompetence is also very well documented

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@Gigacasting AI isn't a product, it's a feature. And Google has consistently shipped features.

Also, consider Anthropic. A win for them is essentially a Google win.

If everyone dies (and so there is no winner), would you please resolve this as N/A? Thx

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@YonatanCale will try my best bro

@VictorLJZ I feel like this should be a NO resolution. Along with other catastrophes where it becomes clear that the only winning move was not to play.

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