Will the Gorosei be proven to be stronger then admirals in Egghead?

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We're getting a Gorosei arc before an Admiral arc, we're so not ready

@Tyranizard89 I have 100% faith in the agenda brother, we will prevail!

They're so much stronger than the admirals lol

Damn @ThecodermauThecodermau is inactive af

@markgrayson He (or someone with the exact same name) still goes on the OnePiecePowerScaling reddit so he might have lost his account or something

Topman has already shown having the best durability in the verse with gear 5 Luffy being unable to hurt him. He's way above any of the admirals including the yonko

They're stronger than the Admirals 🗿

Gorosei> Admirals

Topman already has better durability than all of the admirals

@markgrayson not sure why this market is still open. Gorsei could mid diff an admiral

@AndrewCrosse probably due to @Thecodermau Thecodermau being super inactive

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Topman has better durability than kaidou lol

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@markgrayson Yeah, his durability is the best we have seen, but Sakazuki melted half of Whitebeard's skull off.


Kuma got hit with the exact same attack and it didn't even damage his face, akainu isn't even damaging topman

Saturn would one shot that fraud kizaru

@markgrayson yup in my opinion the gorosie have already been proven stronger than the admirals

Lend us some haki Imu…. these are 2 giants we’re up against

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Kizaru will keep sleeping while his masters do all the work for him

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Kizaru will get back up after the broadcast and use his awakening to 1v5 the Gorosei, thus allowing everyone to escape.

@khalifaklaa the cope is crazy lol

They're stronger than all the admirals

They all have strong haki

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Is there a strong argument for them not being stronger after the last chapter?

@GabeGarboden They didn’t do anything last chapter

@Tyranizard89 Ethanbaron killed like half the pacifista without effort

@GabeGarboden Its good but nothing special. Kizaru was destroying sea beasts outside the lab without effort

@GabeGarboden Kizarus clones did more than the gorosei

@KizaruTheGreat Name checks out